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  1. Z 0 boson [′zē¦zir·ō ′bō‚sän] (particle physics) An intermediate vector boson which has zero electric charge and mediates the neutral current weak interactions. Also known as Z 0 particle. Want to thank TFD for its existence?
  2. (II) The Z 0 boson, discovered in , is the mediator of the weak nuclear force, and it typically decays very quickly. Its average rest energy is GeV, but its short lifetime shows up as an intrinsic width of GeV. What is the lifetime of this particle?Hint%(7).
  3. Z0 boson is reconstructed based on its decay channels Z 0!e +e and Z!. The transverse momen-tum of the electron and muon candidate are required to be lager than 20 GeV. To exclude the barrel-endcap tran-sition region, the electrons are selected within the pseu-Author: Sa Wang, Wei Dai, Ben-Wei Zhang, Enke Wang.
  4. Abstract. In the framework of MSSM the probability of $Z^0$-boson decay to charginos in a strong electromagnetic field, $Z^0\rightarrow \chi ^{+} \chi ^{-}$, is analyzed.
  5. The planned new e + e − collider with high luminosity shall provide another useful platform to study the properties of the doubly heavy B c meson in addition to the.
  6. 2 Z0-Boson Searches TheinteractionoftheZ0bosonwithapairofWbosonshastheform h i W− µZ 0 ν−W ν Z 0 µ ∂µW+ν+ H.c. i + i W+ µW ν−W ν W µ ∂µZ0ν.
  7. A leptonic boson Z^0 is assumed to couple with the muon and the electron in the Yukawa type interaction: μ^- {→} e^- + tilde{Z}^0, μ^+ {→} tilde{e}^+ + Z^0 (here μ^+ and e^- are taken as particles). Furthermore, it is assumed that the bosons have the lepton number +2 for Z^0 and -2 for Z^0.
  8. γ,W±,Z0 boson masses is created by spontaneous symmetry breaking of the Higgs field φ. The potential energy of the Higgs field is: V (φ) = µ2φ†φ+λ(φ†φ)2 µ2 0 The Higgs is a scalar field that exists in a vacuum The potential is symmetric under rotations in φ space The free energy of a ferromagnet is related to its.
  9. 1 W0-Boson Searches W0-Boson Searches RevisedNovember,diecatcerpcandimer.ubtsikkornwedserecobawecingwallmar.cocu(Fermilab)diecatcerpcandimer.ubtsikkornwedserecobawecingwallmar.coq(diecatcerpcandimer.ubtsikkornwedserecobawecingwallmar.cohusetts). The W0boson is a massive hypothetical.

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